Server Rules

Follow these simple rules to avoid getting banned.


You are not allowed to do any of these things:

  • Any form of misconduct: toxicity or inadequacy, slander, insulting others, making offensive nicknames or clans, spam, etc.
  • Advertising any websites or pages in social networks excluding links to our sources and popular games-related sources.
  • Forcing others to do something (e. g. use commands, report somebody, vote in a poll) or mislead them.
  • Impersonating yourself as Null’s Team staff or claiming that you are doing anything on behalf Null’s Team.
  • Making websites, communities in social networks with claims that they are official.
  • Making mods (except visual ones).
  • Using bugs or exploits (and spreading the information about them) to get unfair advantages over other players. It is better to report such things to us, so we can give you some gift for it.
  • Selling (or attempting to sell) anything related to servers (accounts, clans).
  • Transferring account to other people.

Violating any of these rules can result in a warning, trophies deduction, limited account functions, temporary ban or a permanent one.

Important Notices

  • Alliances (clans, clubs, etc) leaders are completely responsible for compliance with the rules by all alliance members.
  • Null’s Clash has special rules in the global chat. They are shown when you enter it.
  • All players should follow all the rules listed here without any exceptions.
  • If you see someone is breaking these rules – report it to us using any possible way (please attach evidences like screenshot and player tags).
  • Bypassing the ban by creating new accounts may lead to a ban of new accounts too.
  • Server staff reserves the right to ban anyone without giving any reasons, in exceptional cases we can take actions for a reason that is not present in the rules.

P. S.

Thank you for following the rules and playing on our servers. Have a good game!

Last updated: October 12, 2021. You can visit this page from time to time to know all the changes. If the changes are huge we will notify you using in-game news or our social sources.